Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters make for an excellent investment in protecting your home and indeed the
contents of your home. To realize how much protection they can offer you need to understand
a little about how hurricanes can create internal pressure once they breach a window or door.
Your windows and door effectively create a seal within your home when they are closed. On a windy day
if you open a window normally you'll notice the door nearest the open window slam shut if it is open. This is due to the difference in pressure. Now imagine this force if a hurricane were to break a window or door of your home and allow that volume of pressure within your home. The hurricane would place immense pressure on the internal walls of your home as well as the roof of your home.
The forces involved can easy tear a house apart within a very short space of time. Windows are often broken by the debris a hurricane lifts up and throws around in the air. Having hurricane shutters and storm panels fitted helps prevent this debris hitting and breaking the weakest points of your house and allowing the pressure to enter your home. There are different types of hurricane shutters the most popular are accordion shutters, roll shutters as well as storm panels which as their name suggests are panels which are put into place when a storm is on it's way. Accordion and roll shutters are pre installed and simply require to be closed manually or electronically.

It is important all fitted storm shutters comply with the appropriate building code regulations.  Remember it is better to fit storm protection BEFORE a storm or hurricane. You should also test your storm shutters periodically to ensure smooth and efficient operation.